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Temperature Screening Thermal Solutions

When you install a commercial fever detector on your premises, you’re showing in real, certain times that you not only care about the safety and well being of your customers and staff, but you are also willing to invest in powerful digital technology to secure this well being.

With Hikvisions advanced detectors and algorithms thermal cameras can detect elevated skin-surface temperatures in moving crowds such as shopping centres, office blocks etc, with accuracy up to +0.3C

• Increased Safety: non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact
• High Efficiency: ONE SECOND to detect the skin surface temperature of a person
• Multi-Person Detection: Simultaneously captures results

We also offer payment plans to suit individual needs.


With the advances in technology, why live in the past when you can live in the future?

Why not work and live in a smart environment, having all your security features at the touch of your fingertips using your smart device to control your world around you, living stress free & having that peace of mind?

We provide a wide range of camera solutions to fit all your needs, from small discreet cameras perfect for around your home, to more visible cameras that are ideal for Businesses and Farms at affordable prices. Using our easy to use management software’s, you can anytime, anywhere view your cameras remotely.

Simply upgrade your old CCTV with the latest high resolution cameras, this cuts down cost by using the existing wiring.

With the advance in CCTV we are up to super high quality images using IP or Analogue Cameras. Ranges now can see in the dark with new dark fighting
technology, Facial Recognition, People Counting ANPR (Auto Number Plate Recognition) & Fisheye cameras that can see 360° in a room.

In this current environment where crime is on the increase in many areas, why wait until its too late? Prevention is the key to security and we can offer you a range of affordable options to secure your premises, and help prevent you being the next target of crime.

Motion Detection | IR Technology | Smart tracking | Email Alerts | Smart Access | 4K Cameras | Face Detection | Vehicle Registration Detection | And much more…


Surveillance 24/7

We provide remote monitoring services to monitor your premises 24/7 or tailor the monitoring to suit your business needs.


WIFI Video Door Bell

Whether you work away from home and need to speak to a courier delivering a parcel or you would simply like visual verification of your visitor before opening the door, the video doorbell is a cost effective great quality choice.

Our Features

  • Power Outage Protection

    We use technology provide the highest level of protection

  • SMS Text & Email Alerts

    Stay connected and in control with our mobile application with real time updates

  • Best-in-Industry Professional Monitoring

    Keep the eye on the ball with 24/7 support

  • Smash-Proof Protection

    We use technology provide the highest level of protection

  • On-the-Go Mobile Control

    Stay connected and in control with our mobile application

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring Dispatch

    Quick Response vehicle to respond 24/7

Total Control
From Anywhere in the World

Our app has engineered mobile platforms that allow our clients to view their camera system from wherever they are in the world via your web-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop.